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Terps vs. Cal: The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction*

Posted by SuckaFish

Before each game we’ll give Five Reasons to Be Concerned, Five Reasons to Feel Good, and The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction.* We gave you the bad stuff then the good stuff Now here’s this week’s pick.

Why Cal Could Win
Um, they’re favored by 21 points. How many more reasons to you need? It’s their home opener on national TV against a team that upset them last season. Oh, and they’re ranked #12 and Maryland is barely in the “Also Receiving Votes.” Is that enough?

Why Maryland Could Win
They beat Cal last year so they have that to work off of. The Terps are extremely talented at the skill positions and the defense is a mystery, a new system that has baffled the offensive coaches every day on camp.

The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction*

Everything is perfectly set up for Cal to run away with this game, but Maryland has the speed to keep up with Cal and a lot more talent than the national media thinks. Will that be enough to pull the upset? Maybe. If they played ten times Maryland could win three or four. But, according to NCAA rules, they’ll only play the one time. The Swagless prediction: Cal 27, Maryland 20.

* Guarantee not valid in Utah or anywhere else

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Terps vs. Cal: Five Reasons to Be Concerned

Posted by SuckaFish

Before each game we’ll give Five Reasons to Be Concerned, Five Reasons to Feel Good, and The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction.* As always, we start with the bad stuff.

1. Cal Is Very Good

The Bears
are ranked #12 in both polls and many think they have a shot to knock off USC and go to a BCS bowl. This is their opening game, at home, at night, on ESPN2. They’re 27-4 at home since 2004 and they’re favored in this game by 21 points. If Cal is going to have the season they want to have, it has to start with a big win on Saturday.

2. The Revenge Factor

Last year Cal went to College Park and got demolished from the start. Maryland ran out to a 21-6 halftime lead and Cal needed 21 points in the fourth quarter to make the final look respectable at 35-27. The game left a bed taste in their mouths (especially Jahvid Best’s).

Best is a Heisman Trophy candidate and he and his teammates are chomping at the bit to get another shot at the Terps.

3. The Lines

Maryland has huge question marks on both the offensive and defensive lines. The o-line lost five of the top seven guys from last year. It’s a young unit with talent but not much experience or time working together. The d-line is inexperienced as well and is learning a new system.

4. Maryland Doesn’t Have a Starting Kicker

Okay, they will by the time the game starts but they haven’t named one yet. There was a three-man competition heading into camp between Nick Wallace, Mike Barbour and freshman Nick Ferrara, and no one won it. That’s not a good sign. If Maryland hangs around and has a shot to win it on a late field goal we have no idea who will be kicking it. And it could be their first kick in a college game.

5. The Travel

Last year the game in College Park kicked off at 9 am Pacific. The Bears chose to travel on Friday, sleep for a few hours, and then play what was essentially an early morning game. Many a pundit used that as the excuse for Cal losing the game. Well, now it’s our turn. While Coach Friedgen was smart enough to fly out on Thursday, it’s still a long flight and the game will start at 10 pm Eastern. If Maryland doesn’t pull off the upset we know it’s because of the long flight and late start. 😉 😉

* Guarantee not valid in Utah or anywhere else

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Saving the Best for First

Posted by SuckaFish

The Terps open the season September 5 at Cal. The Bears are ranked #12 in both the AP and the USA Today preseason polls, Maryland is not ranked. In the AP Maryland isn’t even in the also receiving votes. In the USA Today they get two points, enough to be tied for #53. Cal is favored by 21 1/2 points. Seriously. It’s one of those times where a team can actually play the “no respect” card.

Just last year the Terps worked Cal and Kevin Barnes had the hit of the year on Heisman Trophy candidate Jahvid Best. Enjoy the video which ends with Best returning the Gatorade he had during the pregame warmups.

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