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Terps vs. James Madison: What the Hell Just Happened?

Posted by SuckaFish

Maryland escaped with a 38-35 OT win over James Madison. JMU missed a 41-yard field goal on the first possession of overtime, then Maryland got inside the 10 before new kicker Nick Ferrara won it with a 26-yarder.

Maryland led 21-6 in the second quarter but couldn’t score for the next 23 minutes. By then JMU had taken the lead 28-21. The Terps scored with 5:09 to go to force the OT.

On their first two plays in the extra session Maryland gave the ball to Da’Rel Scott. That equaled the amount of carries he had in the entire second half. Maryland cannot continue to abandon the run. Scott is an All-ACC runner and needs carries if Maryland is going to salvage this season.

The breakout star of the game was Torrey Smith. He had eight catches for 80 yards, an 81-yard kickoff return for a TD, and an eight-yard rushing TD.

On the offensive side our prediction was dead-on. We had the Terps scoring 34, and in regulation they put up 35. What we didn’t see coming was a second-straight disastrous game for the defense. Giving up 52 to Cal is bad, but it can happen. Giving up 35 to JMU is another story.

Up next, a revenge game against Middle Tennessee State, Saturday at 3:30 at Byrd.

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Terps vs. James Madison: The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction*

Posted by SuckaFish

Before each game we’ll give Five Reasons to Be Concerned, Five Reasons to Feel Good, and The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction.* We gave you the bad stuff, then the good stuff. Now here’s this week’s pick.

Why JMU Could Win
That’s what they do, win games. They’re a Top 10 team in 1-AA and made the playoffs in four of the last five seasons. And after the CAA went 2-0 against the ACC last week they won’t be intimidated.

Why Maryland Could Win
Speed, strength, and anger will all be in the Terps favor. Da’Rel Scott and Morgan Green should have some big holes to hit and that will end up giving Chris Turner plenty of time to find his speedy receivers in single coverage.

The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction*
The Terps could easily lay an egg, they’ve done it before. But they have too much size, too much speed, and too much to play for this weekend. JMU will get a steady diet of Scott and he should have over 100 yards and a couple scores. The Swagless prediction: Maryland 34, JMU 17.

* Guarantee not valid in Utah or anywhere else


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Terps vs. James Madison: Five Reasons to Feel Good

Posted by SuckaFish

Before each game we’ll give Five Reasons to Be Concerned, Five Reasons to Feel Good, and The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction.* We gave you the bad stuff. Now here’s the good stuff.

1. Anger
If this team isn’t furious after last week’s performance than this season is over already. They should be dying to get back on the field and prove what kind of team they really are.

2. Size Matters
The offensive line was dominated by Cal’s defense last week. This week they’ll be a facing a Dukes roster that has ONE defensive lineman over 270. Maryland has 13 offensive linemen over 300 pounds. This exactly what the Terps need to get the line on track.

3. They Got Skillz
Maryland is loaded at the skill positions. The running backs are deep and itching to put up big numbers after not getting much of an opportunity at Cal. The coaches have said all summer that they can go seven-deep at wide receiver. Chris Turner is in his third season as a starter. If the o-line plays better than last week the Terps should be able to rack up some points.

4. Back at Byrd
Traveling from coast to coast is not easy. Tonight the Terps will walk to the game and have the home crowd on their side. Of course they’re playing James Madison so it won’t be a packed house, but still.

5. Bowls Beat Championships
Sure, Madison is in the top ten in the Football Championship Subdivision and Maryland is far from Also Receiving Votes in the Football Bowl Subdivision but D1 > 1-AA.

* Guarantee not valid in Utah or anywhere else

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Terps vs. James Madison: Five Reasons to Be Concerned

Posted by SuckaFish

Before each game we’ll give Five Reasons to Be Concerned, Five Reasons to Feel Good, and The Absolutely 100% Guaranteed Prediction.* As always, we start with the bad stuff.

1. Um, Did You See What Happened Last Week?

It was not pretty. We will not be watching film this week. Let’s look forward.

2. James Madison Is Very Good
Sure, they play in Division 1-AA (it’ll always be that to me) but they will not be intimidated. As always, they’re ranked in the top 10. In the last five years the Dukes have been in the playoffs four times and won a national championship.

3. They Are the Defending CAA Champs
Last year JMU was 8-0 in the CAA and was ranked #1 in the country headed into the playoffs. So what? Last week the CAA went 2-0 against the ACC. Richmond went to Duke and won 24-16. William and Mary traveled to Charlottesville and beat Virginia 26-14. Really? Maryland needs to win to save face for the ACC?

4. Our Offensive Line Just Got Worse
Of all the problems last week, the offensive line was the worst. And now starting left tackle Bruce Campbell is out for the JMU game with turf toe. Paul Pinegar will most likely take his spot. Last week Pinegar was the right tackle and he was beaten repeatedly. Now he’ll be at the most important spot on the line.

5. Recent History Does Not Inspire Confidence
Just last year Maryland lost to Middle Tennessee State. Seriously. And that was the week after they struggled to beat Delaware 14-7. In ’06 the Terps beat W&M by 13 and stopped Florida International in the red zone on the final play to escape with a 14-10 win. The ’05 season started with a 3-point win over Navy. In 2004 they beat Northern Illinois 23-20 and in 2003 they lost to NIU 20-13 in OT. Of course, in three of those five seasons the Terps went on to win a bowl game.

* Guarantee not valid in Utah or anywhere else


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