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Terps vs. the Turk (pt. 1)

Posted by SuckaFish

Here’s a roundup of Maryland players battling to make NFL rosters.

Miami Dolphins

TE Joey Haynos
ILB William Kershaw

There are mixed reports out of Miami. Some think neither has done enough, while others are slightly more optimistic.

Breakdown: Haynos seems safe. Kershaw is firmly on the bubble but will probably make the squad too.

Cincinnati Bengals
RG Andrew Crummey

Believe it or not, there’s not a lot of information out there about the guard battle for the Bengals. Things don’t look great for Crummey who was signed by Cincy off of the Redskins practice squad last fall. Crummey is currently listed third on the Bengals depth chart at right guard, and the signing of first-round pick Andre Smith eats up another OL roster spot. He has gotten some snaps at center as the team deals with injuries and his best shot is making the team as a guard/center.

Breakdown: There are only so many spots and he will probably be caught in a numbers game. If he doesn’t make the squad, here’s hoping he signs with another team in a nice, warm place like San Diego.

Indianapolis Colts
RB Lance Ball
OG Jaimie Thomas

Ball has had a solid preseason and many think he’s in good shape for the final RB spot. Thomas is in an extremely tight battle on the O-line. The official depth chart doesn’t paint a pretty picture for either player, but this projected 53-man roster has them both making the cut.

Breakdown: They should both be getting time in the final preseason game. I’ll be stunned if Ball isn’t on the opening day roster. Thomas is borderline and could go either way.

Jacksonville Jaguars
DE Jeremy Navarre
P Adam Podlesh

The Jags haven’t posted an official depth chart yet, I mean it’s only August 31. Navarre is fighting an uphill battle, undrafted free agent rookies rarely make an NFL roster. Podlesh is going to be the punter.

Breakdown: One out of two for the Terps

Dallas Cowboys
RB Keon Lattimore

He has been very impressive in the preseason but with Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice on the roster his only shot is if another back gets injured. Coaches have told him to use this as an opportunity to show what he can do to the other 31 teams, and he has.

Breakdown: He won’t make the Cowboys but should be signed quickly by another team.

Philadelphia Eagles
LB Moise Fokou

A seventh-round pick, Fokou was a long shot to make the team. But he’s had a strong camp, played well on special teams, and moved from OLB to the middle. All of that impressed coaches and there has even been talk that he could earn a starting spot. Omar Gaither officially got that job on Monday, but not without a fight.

Breakdown: Fokou will be an Eagle when the season starts.

Come back for part two tomorrow.


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